Your Guide for Hotels to Stay in Langkawi

Visiting a place if you aren’t a frequent traveler can have a lot of problems. Getting a decent accommodation, list of places to visit, whom to trust, transport options, and much more. To make your visit to Langkawi an easy one, here is a quick guide to hotels you should consider staying at while you’re there.

Four Seasons Resort

The best rated luxury accommodation by tourists who visited Langkawi is truly an amazing experience itself. The resort doesn’t deal with standard room, your options on the table are 68 Malay-style pavilions and around 20-25 villas, all of them opening a window to the magnificent view of the Andaman Sea.

Temple Tree

If you are that kind of sensible person who wouldn’t burn cash for ridiculously luxurious accommodations, the Temple Tree is a better option for you. Temple Tree, built on former coconut plantation is basically a collection of historic styles if Malaysian homes, brought together. With each building having its own design traits and uniqueness, you can choose from a vast variety of options based on the group that you are visiting with. (friends or family)

Pondok Keladi

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you youngsters visiting Langkawi with friends. 20 minutes of walk from the beach of Pantai Cenang will lead you to a small patch in the forest, where an amazing guest house awaits you. Pondok Keladi has an open environment where you have the option to mingle with other travelers, share stories, eat together, or enjoy all of the same with your own group in your room.