Travel Green by Reducing Your Food Footprint

World Environment Day is June 5 and TripAdvisor, along with the United Nations Environment Programme, is calling on calling on the hotel industry and travelers to “Think.Eat.Save” and reduce their “foodprint” – yes, that’s a food footprint – in an effort to preserve our natural resources and think green.


The impact of food production to our environment and economy is huge. Did you know that each year 1.3 billion tons of all food produced gets wasted? That’s one-third of all the food we grow. And this wasted food has a big environmental footprint: agriculture accounts for nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions


How can you do your part when you’re traveling? Look for TripAdvisor GreenLeader hotels when searching for a stay on TripAdvisor, and then click on their badge to see all their green practices –  you can see which properties are committed to reducing their foodprint.  For example The Fairmont San Francisco, a gold level TripAdvisor GreenLeader, locally sources much of its food. And then do your part: only order what you need, take out any leftovers to eat later, and choose local food which may have a lower environmental impact.  And finally, ask. Many hotels are happy to fill you in on how they’re helping to reduce their foodprint. Plus, you may just inspire them to do a little more.