The Eiffel Tower: A Photographic Favorite

Over the last 13 years, travelers have snapped photos of thousands of sights around the world and shared them with others on TripAdvisor. And with a whopping 5,256 to its name, the monumental Eiffel Tower in Paris can claim more than any other attraction (the number two spots goes to Church of the Sacred Family, more commonly known as Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona). So to commemorate, the site gathered up 500 of these pictures and created this photo mosaic. From far away tower shots and artistic close-ups to friends and couples sharing a moment, and even a few optical illusions, these photos tell us romantic stories about the people who shared them and their journeys. Traveler majalia_mendez hit it right on the head when she said “My heart literally skipped a beat and it was love at first sight. The structure was truly divine and captivating. The view from the top was worth it every cent.”


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Eiffel Tower Traveler Photo Mosaic