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  • 5 Vacation Rental Treehouses

    Going out on a limb here: you probably haven’t been in a treehouse since you were a kid. But don’t let adulthood stop you from having fun. Check out these 5 treehouse vacation rentals – some in the UK and some in the U.S. and Puerto Rico – that your inner child might enjoy on [...]

  • Travel Green by Reducing Your Food Footprint

    World Environment Day is June 5 and TripAdvisor, along with the United Nations Environment Programme, is calling on calling on the hotel industry and travelers to “Think.Eat.Save” and reduce their “foodprint” – yes, that’s a food footprint – in an effort to preserve our natural resources and think green.   The impact of food production [...]

  • Top 10 Hotel Spas in America

    It’s a new year and with it comes the opportunity for some much-needed rejuvenation. These 10 U.S. hotel spas get the highest marks from TripAdvisor travelers – 30% of whom plan to take a trip dedicated recharging their batteries in the beginning 2013, according to a recent wellness travel survey. And of the 1,100 respondents, [...]

  • The Eiffel Tower: A Photographic Favorite

    Over the last 13 years, travelers have snapped photos of thousands of sights around the world and shared them with others on TripAdvisor. And with a whopping 5,256 to its name, the monumental Eiffel Tower in Paris can claim more than any other attraction (the number two spots goes to Church of the Sacred Family, [...]

  • SeatGuru for iPhone launches Version 2.0

    As your most flight-savvy friends may have already told you, not every airplane seat is created equal. These same friends also probably know about SeatGuru, the ultimate source of air travel advice, which just launched a new and improved iPhone app.   SeatGuru is best known for its color-coded aircraft seat maps, and following a [...]