Survey: Americans Among World’s Top Tippers

Do you tip on vacation? If so, you’re in line with just about every American traveler. According to TripAdvisor’s annual tipping survey of more than 9,000 respondents (1,600 in the U.S.), 99% of Americans tip on vacation. Of the group, 57% always do and 21% even feel guilty if they don’t.


This isn’t to say that Americans are the only ones leaving tips. Although among seven other countries, an average 43% of travelers always tipped, 59% of Germans said that they always tip – the highest of any country. Russians were next on the list at 53%, while less than half of Brazilians, French, Brits, Spanish, and Italians said they always tip.


The high U.S. numbers may not surprise many as tipping is a cultural norm in the States and U.S. travelers tend to take their customs with them. But only a fraction (16%) of Americans surveyed said they always feel informed on how much to leave. To help be informed, most turn to travel guides, online reviews, and online forums. Only a little over a quarter get the lowdown from the locals.


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