DFA Airport Allots $400 Million Budget for Infrastructure Projects

In its board meeting for this month, members of the airport staff announced that its airline partners have already agreed to some proposed infrastructure improvements in addition to the ongoing renovations with its terminals. Among the focus of this project include the rehabilitation of the curbside signage, the passenger boarding bridge over at Terminals B and E along with the repair of the airfields.

Sean Donahue – Airport CEO says “We’re really working closely with the airlines on this work,” he also adds, “A lot of it is in the design and planning phase so there will be significant investments ahead.”

These renovation projects will be covered by debts which in turn will be paid from the airline company’s terminal rent as well as landing fees.

Part of the renovation process will involve transferring the cellphone lot over to the north gate plaza where waiting friends and relatives are stationed and where they will be called to make the pick up. Construction on the said lot will start within August thus expecting it to be completed before the holiday season.

In addition, the airport has its plans on putting up a secondary end-around taxiway over the northeast section of its airfield to relieve congestion over the taxiways especially during peak seasons when arrivals and departures are most congested.

These mentioned projects are only a part of its 10-year planned infrastructure maintenance and improvement program which would probably cost to near billions as mentioned by DFW’s executive VP of infrastructure and development, Khaled Naja.

Naja announces during the board meeting, “DFW has a significant infrastructure system to maintain” and also adds, “Further improvements are needed to replace aging systems such as roofing and utilities and infrastructure in general.”

Say there exists a 360,000 ft of sewer lines along with 760,000 feet of water lines within a system that is built more than 4 decades ago. The airport also comes with a lot more than 1,288 roadway lane-miles along with 133 landslide bridges which require renovation. Naja reported that a third of those bridges require immediate replacement in 10 years at most.

On the other side, the board was presented with a preview regarding the fiscal year 2018 budget which the airport staff is planning to put together. Chris Poinsatte – the chief financial officer mentioned that they will be anticipating a budget of around $957 million over the fiscal year and is scheduled to get on its way over Oct 1. On that budget, it is expected that $483.8 million is going to be spent over debt service.

With regard to parking fees, Poinsatte mentioned that there are actually no assumptions that the fees will increase as compared to last years’ assumption.

Poinsatte also made a prediction that passengers will rise to 1.3% to 67.3 million over the coming fiscal year. The cost over each enplaned passenger is going to be 19.3% to $13.92 for each passenger.

He also adds in the board meeting, “We did brief the airlines on the budget.” He even mentions that despite the rise in the costs, “the general consensus is they understood it.”