Beautiful Lavender fields in Provence, France

If you don’t know (which I am guessing that you don’t) Provence, France, is full of huge lavender fields that will grasp your heart as soon as you start walking towards them. If you are up for such a walk between a huge array of beautiful lavenders, these locations in Provence are for you.

Sénanque Abbey:

As a warmup, start with a “meh” place, the Sénanque Abbey is a beautiful old monastery, surrounded by hills and, you guessed it, lavender fields.


Ask on a community of travelers for lavender fields in Provence, it’s not possible that you won’t get a recommendation for the village of Sault. And the village is as beautiful as you can imagine, possibly even more.


On your way to Valensole, you will start noticing bright bushes with lavender as your map will tell you that you are at the outskirts of the town. Valensole itself is very beautiful and peaceful. Remember how I said that that in Sault, the lavender fields might “possibly be more” beautiful than you imagined? Well, in Valensole, your imaginations and your pleasure center and your very eyes will be in awe as you gaze through a ridiculously long field of lavender bushes in Valensole.