Air Travel Survey Reveals Top Likes/Gripes

We all love travel, but sometimes getting to our destination can be a hassle. That’s why we at TripAdvisor issue a yearly Air Travel Survey, which lets flyers speak out about their preferences and annoyances. Here’s what over 2,000 travelers recently shared with us about the flying experience…


Not surprisingly, uncomfortable seats and limited legroom is the biggest complaint that people have about air travel. 38% of respondents say that giving “more legroom” is the number one thing airlines should do to improve the in-flight experience, but many aren’t willing to pay up for more space. 44% have never paid extra for a better seating assignment.


To help overcome the challenges associated with air travel, we see many flyers turning to frequent flyer programs. Of the 87% of respondents who do participate in a frequent flyer program, 73 percent have exchanged points for a free or discounted flight and 26% have successfully used points for seat upgrades.


Flyers also tell us that mobile devices and up-to-date technology make flying easier. 56% of travelers now use a smartphone to check flight status – a 10% increase from 2012; 38% use it to check in for flights – an 8% increase; and 36% research flight prices – a 6% increase.  In addition, 37% consider their iPad or tablet a carry-on essential (a 5% increase from 2012).


To see what else the survey revealed, check out the full results here. And be sure to share your 2013 air travel plans and thoughts below in the comments section below.