A Tourist Information Guide on How to Explore Romantic Paris

Paris sits most likely at the top of the list of most visited cities in the world, and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Its historic sights and sceneries are the perfect backdrop for a sweet and romantic getaway.

But as exhilarating as it may feel to tour around this famous city, it can be a bit overwhelming especially to first-time travelers. There are so much to do in Paris in probably so little time that you might end up worrying about all the less important things of your trip. Well, below are some tips to make sure that your trip will be as fun and memorable as possible minus the headache.

Getting a Hotel

The least that you would want is to end a perfect day of touring in a crappy, sad hotel room. So, it’s always important to choose the right hotel to stay for the duration of the trip. But first, make sure to arrange an airport transfer in Paris to your hotel, saving you the time and effortof finding a cab, or getting a comfortable ride. These transfers can also give you peace of mind especially if you have troubles in the airport, as they can be asked to wait until you’ve sorted out any issue inside.

Next, be mindful of the arrondissementsor districts in Paris. Hotels found at the outermost districts may be cheaper than the ones at the inner ones, but you may spend more on transportation. Hence, it would be best to list the sights you would like to visit, and check the nearest hotel that would give you easy access to these sights. For example, if you would like to visit the Eiffel tower, get a hotel at the 7tharrondissement as aside from its close proximity to the Eiffel, it is also conveniently located near the major tourist attractions in the city.

Passes for Museums, Travel, and Sights

If you would want to save even more time and money, try purchasing all-in-one Paris passes or museum passes which basically allows you to avoid long lines when purchasing tickets, or costly entrance passes to different museums or monuments. You can purchase these passes online (though be careful on which site to buy, so better check online reviews, guides, etc.), or through the information offices at the city.

Some of these passes can also be used for public transport as well, so you do not have to queue for transport tickets but rather go directly to the bus or train. Also, special discounts or rates are sometimes available for specific tourist attractions, so it would be best to check them out ahead of your trip. This way, you’ll be sure that you can definitely get into the places you’d like to visit.

Be relaxed

One final tip to ensure that you’ll make the most out of your trip in Paris is to just relax. When things suddenly don’t go your way, just be calm and ask around, or find information or tourist offices for help. There’s really no more point of complaining on things that are out of your control. That is why it’s best to plan well ahead of your trip, so that you’ll spend more time in your vacation on things that matter most.