A Ticket to Titanic’s Wrecks Will Cost You Over $100,000

It must have bothered you if you are a sucker for the unbreakable love of Jack and Rose, the Titanic rests 12,000ft below the sea, what if we wanted to visit the wrecks? See the gigantic luxury ship for real while it sits in all its glory of its history? Well, yes, you can have a trip to the wrecks of the Titanic, but it might cost you more than you could ever expect.

Blue Marble Private, a famous luxury travel company offers a visit to the wrecks of the Titanic, for only $105,000 a person. Deep Ocean Expedition’s journey to the Titanic in 2012, arranged by Ocean Gate cost travelers almost of this price. This is the chance for Titanic’s lovers to visit the wrecks, explore the wreckage 12,000ft below the sea level, personally see the antiques spread all over the ocean bed around the wreck. This is the chance to experience not just a large luxury vessel, but over a century-old story of luck’s harshest tricks.

The trip will be 8 days long, and will start from Canada in May of 2018. The participants, comprising of tourists and explorers will then be taken to the site of the wreck in a submersible. The participants will have 9 hours of exploration, spread over three days’ time with 3 hours of exploration each day. The most important reason why these trips are becoming so costly are because of the study that has concluded that extremophile bacteria will be finished with the wreckage of the ship by 2030, leaving nothing behind.