10 Seriously Romantic Vacation Rentals

Tired of flowers, chocolates and high-priced set menus? Break away from the Valentine’s Day clichés with these 10 vacation rentals for that special romantic rendez-vous. From a treehouse in Costa Rica and a private island in Belize to a castle in Scotland and a penthouse in Paris, there’s something to wow any special someone.


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    The Fortalice, Scotland 

    Romance fit for royalty – The Fortalice, Scotland – originally built in 1560

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    Rent a private island in Belize. French Louie Caye is a private two-acre island surrounded by coral reef, and complete with a caretaker.

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    A penthouse Eiffel Tower View  

    Enjoy a penthouse with an Eiffel Tower view in Paris, France – the City of Love.

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    Overlook Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy

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    Costa Rica Treehouse 

    Cozy up in this Costa Rica treehouse, built into a Banyan tree. It’s just a short walk to the beach and comes complete with a private pool.

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    Santorini Cave House 

    A traditional cave house, built into the cliffside in Santorini, Greece

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    Capetown secluded villa 

    Peer out over Cape Town’s beautiful Clifton beaches from the luxury of your very own infinity pool at this secluded villa.

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    Hilltop romance in a converted windmill 

    This hilltop windmill in Odemira, Portugal is truly unique. Situated in an ecological reserve, it stands on a hill overlooking plains from the Atlantic coast to the Spanish border.

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    A stroll away from the Bridge of Sighs  

    This apartment is just a short stroll from Venice’s Bridge of Sighs. A local legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the famous bridge.

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    Cangrejo y Toro 

    Lush tropical foliage surrounds Cangrejo y Toro in Troncones, Mexico. Highlights include an open-air bathroom with stone shower, beach views from private terrace in the bedroom and a pool.